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i wanna touch the outside of myself

emeka ene

fire resistant, water resistant, uv resistant; anti-mould, anti-bacterial, anti-viral; life is safer than it ever has been and we live longer than any generation previously. yet with the striving for immortality, we have also achieved autoimmunity and inflamed human bodies are turning on themselves. is our desire for safety actually dangerous? in negotiating the human body's allergy to itself against the backdrop of late-capitalist alienation, does autoimmunity create an opportunity to know and become better friends with oneself?

emeka ene is a dancer, performer & performance maker born in London, raised in Berlin. He is lead guitarist and singer in the post-punk band Clear History and is currently undertaking a BA in Dance, Context and Choreography at HZT Berlin. His current interest is in place & space which he engages with through walking scores choreographed by celestial bodies. Since 2008, he has been involved in a platonic relationship with Crohn's Disease and its various and very personal side effects.